Sign up for our Coronaut Corps, a global community of people who are working to create change in their community. ​We call you "Coronauts" for two reasons: (1) You are creating change in response to the coronavirus pandemic. (2) In astronomy, "corona" refers to the outer layer of the Sun or other stars; and in working together, we aim to #gothedistance to make society better and brighter.

If you attended Global Launchpad, you are already part of our Corps. As a Coronaut, you will receive access to exclusive events and activities to help you turn your ideas into action, ​de-stress, and stay hopeful. If you did not attend Global Launchpad, sign up today!
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Coronaut Corps members can earn rewards for referring people to sign up. If someone encouraged you to join our community, tell us their full name, so we can ensure they receive credit.
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